Report Overdue Wages

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Late Wage Reporting Service Terms:

This application is provided as a public service, for convenience only, in completing a demand for payment of wages. The Committee on Rights and Compensation (CRC) believes this application will make it easier to produce a legally acceptable notice and demand for payment of wages that are overdue, to the best of the CRC's ability and in consultation with an employment lawyer. However, we cannot make warranties. Using this service does not constitute legal advice or legal assistance, nor should it be considered guided form preparation. The sole responsibility to determine your legal needs rests with you. This application will give the option to submit the demand via this service automatically, but the CRC assumes no responsibility or liability for the success or failure of this software. Information you enter on this form may be used by CRC members, agents, and assigns to improve service, to reach out to users in cases there might be an opportunity to provide more specific assistance, to track patterns of wage theft, and to advocate and lobby for better work conditions.

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Why?We require a full and preferred name because not all names follow the first+last convention.
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Why?Asking for pronouns helps us include colleagues of all genders.
Why?Providing a phone number helps us make sure we understand the full situation in a timely manner.
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Why?We recommend providing an email address other than your CU-controlled email account to mitigate the possibility of snooping or disruption of your work email access.
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What?This next portion is a place for you to describe the wages you are owed. It might be a good idea to state what work you performed, when the work was performed, and when the wages were due.